Dennis L. Roubal is a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Investment Advisor who resides in Marquette, Michigan.

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Keys to financial independence...

Control costs
  • Analyze cash flow— where is
    your money going?
  • Figure cost of each investment
  • Control your credit—don't let it
    control you

Develop a success plan
  • Write down your goals
  • Quantify goals
  • Implement plan to achieve goals
  • Review plan yearly

Minimize taxes
  • Calculate how much you're
    paying and why
  • Look for tax-efficient investments

Automate financial decisions
  • Defer portion of salary
    ~ Retirement plan (401k, etc.)
  • Setup automatic deposits for
    ~ Emergency fund
    ~ IRAs
    ~ College fund

Answer important questions
  • When do you plan to retire?
  • How much income will you need?
  • Where will money come from?


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  Dennis Roubal, CFP®, CRPS®, RIA

Dennis L. Roubal, CFP®, RIA, founded Financial Growth Concepts (FGC) in 1986.
    Based in Marquette, Michigan since 2006, FGC is an independent, fee-only, financial-planning firm.
   To arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation, contact him today at:
  1-906-360-1328 (cell)


Welcome to the home of Financial Growth Concepts (FGC), a fee-only, wealth-management firm founded by Dennis L. Roubal, CFP®, RIA, in 1986.


Based in Marquette, Michigan, FGC's core mission is to provide a full range of personalized, financial-planning services to individuals, families, small businesses, and organizations located in the greater-Marquette area as well as the central Upper Peninsula region:

• Investment planning
• Portfolio design
• Cash-flow expense planning
• Risk management
• Income tax planning
• Income tax preparation
• Education-funding strategies
• Retirement planning
• Insurance needs
• Estate & survivorship planning


Unlike the majority of financial advisors in the industry, Dennis Roubal is a fee-only financial planner, an advisor who is compensated solely for his advice, not what he sells.


Dennis Roubal's
Code of
Business Ethics

• Integrity
Honest, candid
financial advice
• Fee-only
financial advice
• Fairness
financial advice
• Diligence
Prompt, thorough
financial advice
• Objectivity
Unbiased, impartial
financial advice
• Competence
Informed, intelligent
financial advice
• Confidentiality
Discrete, private
financial advice
• Professionalism
Dignified, courteous
financial advice

A strong believer in having one and only one master—the client—his firm's fee-only, fiduciary business model is built around the the client-first, best-practices ethos of stewardship, objectivity, and integrity.

As such, Financial Growth Concepts is free of the inherent biases and conflicts of interest that plague much of the financial industry today. Dennis Roubal's sole source of compensation is from the client, and only the client:

• No products
• No sales
• No commissions
• No finder's fees
• No kickbacks
• No referral fees
• No rebates
• No awards
• No bonuses
• No cruises, trips, or prizes
• No incentives
• No discounts
• No churning
• No asset conversion
• No hidden, third parties
• No divided loyalties
• No pressure


Do to every man
as thou would’st have
him do to thee;
and do not unto another
what thou would’st not
have done to thee.
—K'ung Ch'iu (a.k.a. Confusius), 551-479 B.C.
Chinese philosopher credited
with authoring The Golden Rule



To learn more about how Dennis L. Roubal, CFP®, RIA, can help you achieve financial freedom and realize your personal goals, contact him today to set up an absolutely-free, no-obligation consultation:

  The original wooden Marquette Harbor Light, built in 1853, was replaced by the above brick keeper's house and square light tower in 1866.
     To learn more about this unique lighthouse, click here, or visit the Marquette Maritime Museum's Web site. Click on photo for high-resolution imagery. (Courtesy of the Marquette Maritime Museum)

Financial Growth Concepts
16 Timber Creek Road
Marquette, Michigan 49855

E-mail: DenRoubal@Yahoo.Com
Cell: 1-906-360-1328




The average [market] participant
is a long-term investor,
...only in the way
Tony Soprano is a Catholic.
—William J. Bernstein, Ph.D., M.D.,
American neurologist, financial theorist, and author



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